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iMasterCopy, has discover that DVD-R is clearly the most compatible DVD recording format on the market. Client who are seeking 24 hour to 7 day turnaround time needs to go with DVD-R Duplication. Individual who need DVD Duplication and have patience can go with replication as long as the order is 1,000 units or more which takes 7-12 business days to be completed from the time of approval or artwork.

DVD technology allows for storage capacities fourteen times greater than CD-ROM's from 4.7 to 17 Gigabytes. The encoding process converts both audio (MPEG-2 files) and video (AC-3 files) to DVD format. Authoring the DVD involves the creation of menus, chapter breaks, supplementary audio tracks, sub-titles, and a variety of other features exclusive to DVD technology. Your DVD can contain data on one or both sides and also has a "dual-level" feature available to increase the amount of information. DVD replication technology holds more information than CD-ROMs, including sophisticated audio and video designed for maximum impact.



INCLUDES 1 Free Color
This selection
takes 7-12 Business days.


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1000 DVD - ROM 0.55 ea
2000 DVD - ROM 0.54 ea
3000 DVD - ROM 0.54 ea
4000 DVD - ROM 0.53 ea
5000 DVD - ROM 0.48 ea
10,000 DVD - ROM 0.45 ea
25,000 DVD - ROM 0.40 ea
50,000 DVD - ROM 0.39 ea
DVD-5 is standard DVD ROM that is Manufactured on a production line from a glass master.


Add $0.10 for white sleeve packaging
This price includes "BULK SHIPPING" In the USA.
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Packaging Options :


DVD CASE $0.34
Paper Sleeves $0.12
Plastic Sleeves $0.35
Vinyl Sleeves $0.19
DVD Insert /Entrapment $0.34
4 Panel 4/1 Jewel Cases Insert $0.45
2 Panel 2/1 Jewel Case Insert $0.30

Your DVD Burning services permits you several choices intended for packaging. Yet First permit enter into your comply with reason with regards to DVD Burning, DVD Replication/manufacturing. DVD Duplication - Is a Shed Press that is copied in high size. - is Manufactured or Replicated media that is created from a glass master on a production line.


DVD 5 Price



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Full Package: Include Insert Entrapment, DVD Glass Master, UP 3 Color on DVD, and Setup Fee
1000-2999 0.99 each
3000-4999 0.98 each
5000-7999 0.97 each
8000-9999 0.85 each
10,000 0.80 each

DVD 9 Price

INCLUDES 1 Free Color on Disc

This selection
takes 7-12
Business days.

dvd-9 manufacturing, duplication opitional packaging and services

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DVD-9 is a dual layer disc that has data on both side of Disc.
This is also created from a Glass master and Manufactured on a production line.
Price includes Film, PDF Proof, and up 3 colors offset or silk on disc.  (DVD Cases & Pack @ $0.38 ea (includes one inner insert as well) Paper Window Sleeves and insertion @ $0.12 each. Insertion & Shrink 4 Color Sleeves @ $0.12 each.

PKG Price

Add $0.10 for white sleeve packaging
This price includes "BULK SHIPPING" In the USA.

Packaging Options :

DVD CASE $0.38
Paper Sleeve $0.10
C Shells $0.40
Vinyl Sleeves $0.24
DVD Insert /Entrapment $0.34  (starts @)
4 Panel 4/1 Jewel Cases Insert $0.45
2 Panel 2/1 Jewel Case Insert $0.30
Up to date and the majority technologically advanced technology right now is electronic digital. MASTERCOPY, you can repeat, printing, and package deal your Videos simply put organization gets the same state-of-the fine art benefits. DVD duplication technology keeps details when compared with CD-ROMs, such as advanced audio and video intended for maximum impression.
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