Musician Package: Radio Spins, Press coverage, College bookings Featured

Musician Package Musician Package

Musician Package: Radio Spins, Press coverage, College bookings

We can get you Discovered in the following Categories:

  • Booking Agents (Paid Gigs)
  • Clubs (Paid Gigs)
  • College Booking (Paid Gigs)
  • College Radio (CMJ Charts & More)
  • Conferences (Paid Gigs)
  • Festivals (Paid Gigs)
  • Film, TV & Media Licensing (Get Royalties)
  • Managers (Career changing Manager )
  • Press (Editorials and Write ups)
  • Radio (National and International Airplay)
  • Record Labels (Record Deal Submission)

Our submission process is an individual submittal process to direct contacts. Quality takes time and not bulk sending with no direction or real results.Give us a try.. 

Extra Gig, if you would like follow ups with a call/email it's a 92% success rate to airplay, getting charted and gigs and more.Proof is sharing phone log/email and Getting Charted and Booked

What we need to begin:

  • location, 
  • Band Name,
  • Bio,
  • Music (3 songs Max),
  • Picture, Social media links. 

$1.00 Per Submission, with 10 contact submission requirement  - Click here to order.



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